Hydration Bladder

This 1 Liter hydration bladder is there for you to have added hydration during all-day excursions or hikes. It is also removable so that you can keep it cold prior to packing it in your backpack. The hose comes with a on/off valve to ensure that there is no dripping, yet also has a cap on the tip for added protection and sanitation. 


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    • The bladder should be removed from the pack for cleaning and filling.
    • Bladder is intended to be used for fresh water.
    • Do not fill with a colored beverage or acidic materials which might corrode the bonding part of the outlet and cause leakage.
    • A new bladder should be washed using warm water before its first use.
    • Drain the bladder after cleaning.
    • Open the cap to fill with water, and then screw the cap back on tightly.
    • Attach the bladder into the backpack and either secure with the two Velcro straps or just insert it into the bottom of the pack (works either way).
    • Route the drinking tube up through the zipper at the top of the pack and close both sides of the zipper on both sides of the tube.
    • Route the mouthpiece portion of the tube down the right shoulder strap of the pack and secure it in the slot sewn on the shoulder strap.
    • Turn off the switch on the mouthpiece when not using by spinning it lightly.
    • Turn on the switch on the mouthpiece by spinning it lightly and bite the valve lightly to get water to flow.
    • Remember to remove the blue rubber cap from the mouthpiece before drinking and to replace it after drinking. This can be removed by pulling straight up.

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